Terrible MMORPG Sequels

Know what sucks? Being super pumped for a sequel and when it finally comes out, being SUPER disappointed by it. After being a huge fan of Ragnarok Online for a cool…. 6 years or so I played Ragnarok Online 2 from Warpportal only to be disappointed. It’s literally NOTHING like the first game. No top down camera, no in-depth class system with rebirths, no epic war of emperium battles, NADA. The music isn’t nearly as good either! It feels like just another generic Korean MMORPG. Something forgettable and MEH like Cloud Nine or Scions of Fate. Ragnarok Online 2 could have been so much more. Oh well, I guess i’ll stick with the original RO. HotShotGG’s GGRo server is actually quite good. He’s some super popular League of Legends player that made his own private server. His MOBA credentials made ggRO instantly popular too, so it’s a nice server to play on.

Not all sequels suck though. PlanetSide 2 from Day Break Game Company is actually vastly superior to the original planetside game. I remember playing the original game when I was like 14 years old and I really liked it. I didn’t like that it was a subscription based game though. PlanetSide 2 is EXACTLY like PlanetSide 1, except better visuals and a more modern game engine. Now that’s what a sequel should be. An IMPROVED version of the original. Not something terrible and unrecognizable.

One Sequel that’s not out yet that I’m eager to try is MapleStory 2 from Nexon. I loved the first game and remember grinding endlessly during high school. The new one is supposed to be radically different. Curious how they’ll do. Nexon has a good reputation in my mind. I love Atlantica Online and Dragon’s Nest, so hopefully they won’t screw this one up. MapleStory is still a huge money maker for Nexon, so I think they’ll take their time and make sure the game is fun before they release it.

Female Characters – We get What we Want

Totally Agree, get what you can girl!

Adventures of the Female MMO Viewer

Every make a female character in an MMORPG like Defiance or even something older like Tibia? Well I have, since well, I’m a girl. Funny things happen online when people discover you’re a girl in an MMO. They’re usually A) very nice to you and go out of their way to help you out in every way possible. I guess they do this to try and impress you? To try and get that virtual P maybe? Or maybe they’re just good decent folk. I suspect it’s more the latter, because it NEVER happens to my guy friends. My friend who used to play Continent of the Ninth Seal (it’s a weird game from Webzen) told me once he made a female character, people were suddenly nicer to them. Weird, huh? B) Super incredibly unbelievably rude. It’s like, if you’re a girl on…

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Sex Sells in MMOs

It’s pretty crazy how game developers are trying to use Sex to get people to play their games. The most shameless example of this is without a doubt Scarlet Blade from Aeria Games. I’m pretty sure it’s bassed off of a Japanese H anime called Queens Blade. The game even calls itself a “mature” game, but there’s no doubt kids are jumping on the game just to see those anime boobies jiggle. What’s even more shameless is the game’s quest dialogue. It’s all so embarrassingly disgusting. Broken English + sexual jokes = stupid. What REALLY takes the cake though is the ability in-game to go FULL naked. This “feature” comes at a price though. You need to literally spend real life money to be able to take the lingerie off, otherwise you can only get down to your skivvies. I’m not sure who in the right mind would pay for this, but clearly people do – as you can see people running around the game like that. Even more agnostic games like ArcheAge and Black Desert Online are using overly sexualized female characters to get more and more guys interested. Even cartoony games like MicroVolts and Digimon Masters Online follow this same ridiculous formula. You’d think game developers would focus more on QUALITY content rather than using pixelated anime girls to get people to try their titles, but alas pixelated anime girls are what draws audiences these days. Even League of Legends, the MOST successful MMO to date, has female characters with ungodly sized chests. Sona much? I guess they know their audience. Young guys.